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The World Citizen Band is an international contemporary jazz ensemble. The name of this group makes reference to the current situation of a large number of musical communities over the world, in which the constant interaction between musicians of different nationalities becomes growingly evident. The five current members of this group all have a nomadic lifestyle, having migrated from their country of origin in search of a broader view and understanding of the ever-changing musical world of jazz. It is fair to say that they are all “citizens of the world”.

Their latest release is “Antares”. The star ‘Antares’ is also known as ‘Heart of The Scorpion’, has long been admired for its fiery, passionate energy. Inspired by this celestial body, the band’s music undoubtedly shares the star’s name and its bold radiance.

Uniting cultures through music, WCB’s spirited high-octane contemporary jazz is performed with style and substance by Uri Gurvich (saxophone), Ramiro Olaciregui (guitar), Marcos Merino (piano), Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (double bass), and Rodolfo Zuniga (drums).

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