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Debut Album “The Remains” (2011)

The title track “The Remains” originated from the combination of 3 separate ideas that, on their own, I could never seem to finish. I later realized that when pieced together, they finally made musical sense. Afterwards, I reflected on what the remains meant conceptually and concluded that life in general is also a combination of several things that, when taken alone or out of context, can sometimes seem insignificant or useless. We often see that for all the effort put forth into one project or idea, the final result is merely a small portion of it, and the majority of the investment manifests itself in the future. By combining the remains of all our efforts and experiences, we arrive at one powerful, essential conclusion that reveals who we truly are."

Uri GurvichAlto / Soprano Saxophone

Ramiro OlacireguiGuitar, Composition

Dan TepferPiano

John Escreet - Piano (tracks: 7, 9)

Seamus Blake - Tenor Saxophone (tracks: 1, 7, 10)

Aidan CarrollBass

Nick FalkDrums

Mathias KünzliPercussion (tracks: 2, 6)

The making of "The Remains":

In the studio
In the studio
In the studio
CD face
CD inside
CD back
CD tray
sketch for "The Remains"

Ramiro Olaciregui Trio - "Atom Lives"

"This is my version of the well known jazz standard 'Autumn Leaves'. This one is called 'Atom Lives' - as my friend from Cuba would call it." - R.O.

Ramiro Olaciregui - guitar
Max Leiss - bass

Mathias Ruppnig - drums

Ocean (2021)

"During the pandemic I was forced to make music on my own and I had a lot of free time for it. So I wrote this song...

I played and programmed all the instruments and even finally got some videos of myself hanging around Berlin." - R.O.

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