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Ramiro Olaciregui Jazz Orchestra

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Guitarist Ramiro Olaciregui presents his brand new, Berlin based, "mini" BigBand: R.O.J.O., the Ramiro Olaciregui Jazz Orchestra.

The ensemble gathers musicians from all over the world & combines a wide variety of musical genres such as fusion, rock & funk all within a Jazz framework. This is Ramiro's most ambitious project to date & will continue to expand across the European music scene in the years to come. 

Recorded @Berlin Jazz Institute Berlin, 2022

Composed and arranged by Ramiro Olaciregui.

Jan Kaiser - trumpet
Toms Rudzinskis - alto
Malte Schiller - tenor
Baron Arnold - trombone
Elli soos - Baritone
Mia Knop Jacobsen - voice
Khadim Ndome - vibes
Sung Eun Noh - piano
Max Leiss - bass
Mathias Ruppnig - drums
Ramiro Olaciregui - guitar & composition.

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